Buck’s Coppice: 100% Off-Grid

Case: 100% Off-Grid
Location: Dorset
Area: 53m2
Build Duration: 14 weeks
Units: 2 – 2 Bedroom / Bathroom / Open-plan Kitchen & Living room
Off-Grid utility unit

In February 2016 we completed our first completely off-grid building – Meaning the building required absolutely no connection to mains services and was completely self-contained.

The client had purchased an idyllic plot of land by a lakeside, deep in Hook Park Forest in Dorset at a very affordable price due to the land’s lack of mains supply. The land also had an existing dilapidated mobile home on it, which qualified for a certificate of lawfulness for replacement. The unit would draw water from the immediately adjacent lake which would be heated by a water source heat pump, electricity would be produced via solar panels and stored in a battery for use when required and rainwater would be harvested for sanitary use. The unit also used a small silent diesel generator for times when excess electricity was required and housed a wood burning stove for sustainable heat.

A key to living off-grid is being extremely energy efficient and ensuring high levels of building performance are achieved to protect the warmth generated by sustainable means. Boutique Modern incorporates extremely high levels of insulation into our buildings as standard and are capable of increasing performance levels through seamless use of extra building technology. It was on this basis that Boutique Modern was selected as the chosen builders for the project.

The client chose The Break, a standard design model of ours and tailored the interior to his exact requirements. Construction of the building took 14 weeks inside The Factory including the external unit housing all off-grid machinery and delivery to final position and completion took just 4 working days. The client, a carpenter by trade, was then able to begin his desired finishing touches including a large deck over the water and is even considering ordering a further Boutique Modern unit as an additional bedroom further round the lakeside.

Projects of a similar nature: The potential for off-grid living opens up vast opportunities in terms of building placement and economy. By it’s very nature, land without existing mains provision is drastically more affordable than enabled land as well as meaning that difficult to access plots become available both in the UK and abroad – All that is required is a water source. Boutique Modern has close working relationships with suppliers of off-grid technology and experts to specify performance requirements. If you are considering building in a difficult or remote location we would love to hear from you.

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