Capesthorne Hall: A State of the Art Facilities Hub

Case: Utilities block required for new, eco-friendly caravan park
Location: Cheshire, UK
Area: 76 metre²
Build duration: 12 weeks
Units: 2 – Male/Female/Disabled facilities, Office, Laundry

In 2012 we were contacted by Chris, a land agent from Fisher German Ltd, the managers of Capesthorne Hall estate in Cheshire. Chris had seen our buildings in Cornwall and wondered if we could provide a new and sustainable facilities building for the campsite at the Hall. The challenge was to provide exceptionally comfortable shower, laundry and kitchen facilities for the campers, that consumed as little energy as possible, complied with planning restrictions associated with Historic Buildings and met the extremely high standards demanded by Lord and Lady Bromley-Davenport, the owners of Capesthorne Hall. The campsite accommodates as many as 20 touring caravans at peak time, so a facilities block capable of providing hot showers for as many as 50 people in the busy morning rush was necessary. Chris was keen the new facilities should be in place for the start of the season. Capesthorne Hall host weddings and events throughout the Summer so traditional building methods with site traffic and noise were not acceptable, in this case a Boutique structure catered to all of their needs.

The structure was built in the same way as (The Edge), A steel exo-skeleton gave the interior layout the flexibility required. Off-site construction allowed business to continue as usual at the stately home with no construction traffic or noise pollution disturbing the peace and quiet. As well as being very warm and comfortable the facilities block was to support 6k/w of solar photovoltaic panels on it’s roof, this amount of solar power contributes all year round to the energy consumption of the stately home and is capable of powering the entire campsite at certain times of the year.

With the site prepared, Chris and the family chose a suitable date for delivery. The 2 units left our factory and made the trip North. It took 4 men and a 90 tonne crane just 7 hours for the new building to be sited and made watertight, within days our installation team had completed their work and the unit was fully operational. There was minimal ground disturbance, only 6 heavy vehicle movements and a total of 5 hours of construction noise.

In October 2012 Capesthorne Hall opened their brand new, state of the art, facilities block to the public – achieving ‘immaculate’ status in one camper’s opinion.