Factory Built

In our Sussex factory we build prefabricated volumetric modular structures. In essence each of our buildings is constructed out of a configuration of the same module, but in a variety dimensions, finishes and structural adaptations depending on your requirements and the intended site.

The benefits of the factory building cannot be overstated, it allows us to invest in the infrastructure needed in processes such as the inverting of the floor cassette to fix a moisture resistant one hour rated fire board to the underside of each unit as is required by some cases by Building Control (Part B). These streamlined production techniques paired with the freedom from weather stoppages helps to expedite the entire building process. Each pod is bought to the highest level of finish possible before it is shrink wrapped and passes through our factory door ready to hit the road. This does not mean just that the structure is complete, fitted with just first fix plumbing and electrics but it each pod is loaded onto a lorry as close to finish as physically possible, wired, plumbed, taped and jointed, decorated and even in some cases furnished. All of which contributes to the other key benefit of factory building, hugely diminished time on site.

This all contributes to fulfill the low impact element of our mandate. The increased pollution and sound that a building site generates, necessary services, constant material delivery and waste removal that conventional on-site construction requires, has a severe effect on both the environment and on the budget of a project. Factory building greatly reduces all of these concerns. As we have the capability to order in bulk and store materials, which is not only cost effective, cuts down delivery frequency and eliminates surplus waste. The result is a build that doesn’t generate skips full of waste and is cost effective as the client will only pay for materials used on their building whilst enjoyng the economies of scale purchasing.

So whether it is down to restricted access, the want of faster, lower impact, more eco-friendlily build process or simply the “wow” factor of a building appearing onto a near-untouched landscape in one day, then our method of construction meets all of these needs. Even our largest structure took only a day to site, arriving as seven clean white boxes, they were craned into place and weather-tight before the sun went down.