Type: Penthouse Extension
Spaces: Kitchen / Living / Dining room, Balcony
Client: Private Residential

Extending existing penthouse flats can be extremely disruptive to residents and consequently expensive for the developer. By constructing extensions off-site these usual works disruptions of noise, dust, common-way disruption and scaffolding are minimised and in many case alleviated.

This client approached Boutique Modern having established an agreement with the existing residents of a converted Victorian factory to develop the roof of their 2-bedroom flat. What began as a 2-bedroom and mid-sized kitchen / living / dining room flat has with the addition of a modular extension become a luxurious and spacious 3-bedroom penthouse.

Following minimal preparations on-site, Boutique Modern delivered the 92m2 open-plan extension in just one day, with kitchen installed and balcony already tiled ready for use – Pre-installed cladding also meant no requirement for scaffolding the building. A whole-house smart home system integrated seamlessly into the rest of the refurbishment and working closely with the client’s chosen interior architect all fittings and finishes were entirely bespoke.

’We found the sixteen-week process easy to understand and follow. On a personal note we enjoyed working with Dick and his team on the specification who offered us unlimited help in designing the interior finish for the home.’


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