Type: Mobile Home
Spaces: 2 Bedroom, 1 Shower room, Kitchen, Living, Dining, Off-Grid Utility Unit
Client: Private Residential
Note: 100% Off-grid

A key to living off-grid is ensuring very high levels of building performance are achieved during construction. Boutique Modern structures have an extremely high level of insulation and air-tightness as standard which ensures heat and power generated by sustainable means is protected and maximised throughout the building.

This lakeside holiday home sources energy from a bank of solar panels located nearby, sources water from the adjacent lake and is heated by a woodburning stove. Solar energy is stored in a battery to run the building when the sun is not shining and rainwater is even harvested from the roof to maximise 100% OFF-GRID sustainability.

’The design emerged from two very simple ideas. The first was to break up the standard configuration of the modules, and the second was bringing natural light directly into the interior of the home. Boutique Modern took these two ideas and turned them into a brilliantly innovative contemporary home.’


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