Type: Penthouse
Spaces: 2 Bedroom – 2 Bathroom Store – Dressing Room, Kitchen Living Room – Dining Room – Balcony
Client: Developer

Building upwards in Urban landscapes such as central London can often be a costly and drawn out process. By manufacturing extensions off-site and delivering them to rooftops pre-completed we bypass the costly and unpredictable traditional process and largely avoid any local disruption.

This penthouse is located in Camden. Providing over 1200sqft of internal living space with additional private balconies for each bedroom. This building was delivered in just one day and required only 8 hours of road closure to site a crane for delivery.

’What impressed us most about working with BM was their ability to work closely with us as their clients. We told them our ideas for our bespoke design and they subsequently refined them, often adding their own take on matters which greatly improved the final build plan. Without their constant involvement we would have undoubtedly made some serious mistakes.’


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