Type: Hotel Garden Suites
Spaces: Bedroom, Shower Room
Client: Hotel

The managers at Kentisbury Grange Hotel had been looking for ways to increase hotel capacity whilst protecting the delicate beauty of their North Devon retreat. Boutique Modern were able to construct a standalone unit to cater to all of the hotel’s needs while taking advantage of the pre-existing groundwork and services.

We designed a single ‘plug-in-and-play’ unit that could leave our factory completely finished inside and out and would be plugged in ready to use within a matter of hours after delivery. The 5 suites were identical, making manufacture both cost-effective and time efficient – each contained a large bedroom, sofa and armchair, a small work area and a large wardrobe as well as a spacious shower room. Each unit had underfloor heating throughout, mechanically ventilated and could easily be connected to the hotel’s communication network for full use of room service.

’The design emerged from two very simple ideas. The first was to break up the standard configuration of the modules, and the second was bringing natural light directly into the interior of the home. Boutique Modern took these two ideas and turned them into a brilliantly innovative contemporary home.’


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