Type: Bespoke House
Spaces: 2 Bedroom, Office, Bath/Shower Room, Kitchen, Living Room, Cloakroom
Client: Private Developer

Brownfield and underutilised land in urban environments can often present excellent value for money for development. In this case the client purchased a brownfield site which was cleared in preparation for installation of a 2.5 bedroom, low energy home.

Boutique Modern followed the design of an existing planning permission and completed the component specification with the client, an experienced developer with specific ideas and existing relationships with suppliers for finishes and components. The client sourced many components themselves for Boutique Modern to install which also presented valuable savings to the project overall.

’We found the sixteen-week process easy to understand and follow. On a personal note we enjoyed working with Dick and his team on the specification who offered us unlimited help in designing the interior finish for the home.’


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