Rutherford House: Penthouse Extension

Case: London Penthouse, Strict Deadline
Location: Battersea Park Rd
Area: 12m2
Build Duration: 5 weeks
Units: 1 – Bedroom

In March 2016 we delivered our first pure extension to an existing penthouse apartment. We were contacted by a client who’s family was growing and had been looking for cost-effective ways to extend his homes capacity by adding an extra bedroom. After discovering Boutique Modern it became apparent that by pre-fabricating the extension off site and scheduling delivery, vast savings could be made in alleviating material deliveries, on site management, health and safety provisions, scaffolding and waste removal. Also, as the client was expecting a baby, overrunning the completion date would present massive inconvenience for the second time parents-to-be.

Following structural proving of the existing building’s capacity to hold the extension and design of an extension to fit its final position almost seamlessly, we began construction of the new bedroom selecting all materials and finishes to match the existing flat. The project took just 5 weeks to construct with no risk of disruption to progress from weather or contingency, and was finished to 98% completion before shipping.

Prior to the day of delivery Boutique Modern attended site to carry out preparations for the new room to arrive – We also arranged road closure and managed the delivery to ensure everything went according to plan.

The new extension took just 3 hours to deliver, weatherproofing took another couple of hours and in just 3 days the building was complete and ready for use, all within the time it took the homeowner to give birth to it’s future occupant.

Projects of a similar nature: Boutique Modern is capable of designing extensions suitable to almost any building that should require them. We have close working relationships with structural engineering firms to specify exactly what is suitable for the existing building and can handle all road closure, transport and delivery options inside city environments. If you are planning an extension and would like to know more about the benefits and efficiencies in a volumetric modular construction, we would love to hear from you.

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