The Denn House: Convoi Exceptionnel – 1000 Miles South

Case: Mulitpurpose garden bungalow, Well Ventilated, High security, Forestfire protection.
Location: Biot, Côte d’Azur,
Area:90 metre²
Build Duration: 15 weeks
Units: 4 units (3 Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen, Living Room, WC, Covered Carport)


Clifford and Izzie were looking to add a self contained bungalow within the grounds of their home In Biot on the Côte d’Azur. They needed a flexible space in which Clifford’s mum could spend the winter when the UK was too cold and would be large enough for family and friends to stay in with a little independence when they came to visit. There would also be the chance to let the bungalow out to holiday makers in season. It was local building costs and this requirement for flexibility that drew Clifford to Boutique Modern and our use of volumetric “pods”, with his background as a marine architect Clifford and his Mother worked closely with us on the design, freely emailing sketches and amendments as the bungalow developed.


Site access was a consideration from the start. The entrance drive was narrow and steep with two sharp bends in it. Precise measurements were taken and our transport company were sent to Biot to scout the route. We preciseley designed the 4 units to squeeze down the drive, around the bends and under trees and power lines to get onto the site.


Because of the final configuration of the bungalow each unit required lifting from the top into its position, with a lorry mounted crane. We designed of steal ring beam with a post at each corner into which lifting eyes were screwed. These posts were then cut down inline with the mono-pitch roof and and the whole roof surface was covered with a profiled roofing system which spanned open areas between the units, creating a double car port and a covered deck. This roof would in turn be covered in a synthetic turf to camouflage it from the main sun terraces.


The electrical circuits were made to comply with French Regulations and the bungalow was finished in a -1 fire rated cement board because of local Codes in place to combat flash-fires.


The finished bungalow provides 3 bedrooms, a shower room and cloakroom and a large sitting room and kitchen that wraps around the covered deck. There is a wood burner for the winter months and covered parking for 2 cars.