The Edge: A Versatile Solution

Case: Multiple
Av. Build Duration: 12 Weeks
Units: 2-4
Boutique Modern first started building The Edge in 2011 and since then it has come a long way.

The Edge is fundamentally a steel exo-skeleton housing Structural Insulative Panels (SIPs) to form floors, walls and a roof. This combination of steel and SIPs forms a highly insulated, rigid and extremely versatile structure, a cassette floor and roof allows the wall/window layout to be completely flexible. Not only does this mean that floorplan designs of up to 22mx6.7m (60ftx22ft) can be tailored to individual needs, The Edge also has another ace up it’s sleeve, as it qualifies fully as a mobile home! Consequently The Edge is extremely flexible in where it can be placed.

Build/Design: The Edge is inspired by the iconic works of the mid 20th century Modernist Designers. As with all Boutique buildings it’s basic structure is designed to provide longevity through it’s strength. Externally the industrial aesthetic of galvanized steel can be combined with any variety of natural or man made wall finishes, broken up by floor to ceiling reflective glass to sit comfortably in any environment. Internally the client can let their imaginations run away with them with every finish, surface and furnishing easily added to their design.

The Edge is extremely Eco-friendly, the steel skeleton distributes all of it’s weight through 12 columns meaning there is no need for typical foundations, this reduces ground disturbance and reduces on-site work prior to the building’s arrival. High performance floor to ceiling windows are oriented South and mean that the majority of internal heating can be produced from solar gain, as well as the ease of fitting solar panels on the roof cassette The Edge can be designed to drastically lower it’s environmental impact as well as running cost. Air source heat pumps, green roofs, rainwater harvesting and other technology upgrades can all be integrated.

Uses: Typically The Edges we have built are 2 bedroom mobile homes, however without the constraints of structural walls The Edge can be a solution to all manner of requirements. An Eco-friendly, personal, cost effective and versatile space.