What We Do

Everybody dreams of realising their own grand design.

Boutique Modern design, build and install low impact, high performing, volumetric buildings that pack a visual punch.

Whether you’re a first time self-builder or a seasoned property developer our team will assist you through the design and planning stages to help get your project off the ground.

Once approvals have been granted and your spec is finalised we pass your plans to our Factory Build Team and they begin to construct the volumetric pods that will come together to form your building on site. By pre-fabricating volumetric pods with all the structural integrity of a conventional building, we achieve a high level of in-factory finish with fully fitted, high spec kitchens and bathrooms. Completing nearly all works in-factory hugely diminishes the time needed on-site. This, coupled the minimal groundwork and foundations required by our system, means that Boutique Modern buildings have the lightest possible impact on the environment and the local community. Gone are the destructive habits and effects of the conventional building site.

Building in a factory also has a positive effect on the environmental and budgetary concerns of a project. Our capability to purchase and store materials in large quantities not only cuts down on waste but also delivery and skip-removal road miles. It also allows us to pass the financial benefits of bulk buying on to our customers. Freedom from weather stoppages and our ability to work round the clock slashes the build time of a project. Unlike any other build method the foundations can be poured as we tile the bathrooms!


The pods move through our factory, worked on by our Build Teams and by the time they reach the door they are shrink wrapped and ready to hit the road. Distance doesn’t phase us, we have placed buildings from the Highlands of Scotland to the South of France and many points in between. Our Install Team follows the pods to site, unwraps them and oversees the siting process. It has never taken us more then one day to position and make a building weather tight. We then commission & join the units, completing your vision.


There can be no easier way to take your grand design and make it a reality.

If you think Boutique Modern can help with your project please get in touch.