Your Project

No matter how big or small, developed or mercurial your idea is, Boutique Modern is here to guide you through the 6 step process that starts with a vision and ends with a beautiful building.

Step 1 – Plot Assessment

Whether you own a plot of land or merely have a location in mind on which you would like to build, we can advise on the possibilities and potential restrictions of the plot, both legal and logistical. We can prepare discussion documents and attend pre-application meetings with the Local Authority. Barring any insurmountable roadblocks we can then proceed to the Design & Conception phase.

Step 2 – Conception & Design

This is where all of your ideas, sketchbooks, pin boards and magazine clippings are brought together to discuss the possible layouts, styles and aesthetics of the build with our in-house design team. From this we start to visualise your building, from pencil sketch to 3D model you can see it evolve into a fully rendered representation. Our team is very well versed in finding that difficult balance between low environment impact and a powerful visual statement. We work in conjunction with qualified architects, engineers and chartered surveyors make sure that the your building complies with all the necessary regulations whilst still being tailored to your exact needs and specification.

Step 3 – Planning & Warrant Procurement

Once a full set of drawings have be completed we help you to apply for any necessary permissions and warrants that will allow us to construct and install your building on your plot of land. This process is often helped by our method of construction which is by it’s nature lower impact then conventional building.

Step 4 – The Contract & Spec.

With all permissions granted and warrants issued we can move onto the creative process of setting out the details of your building. From bathtubs to doorstops, all these things make a great difference to the final feel and look of your build and we like you to choose them before the first wall goes up. This allows us to customise the layout early on to accommodate any features and fittings that you require. With the spec complete, the price finalised and the contract signed off, we book you a slot in our build schedule and move on to the build.

Step 5 – The Build

By following the construction drawings, our factory team are able to build the structure of your house incredibly quickly and accurately, bringing it to 1st fix in a couple of weeks, whilst our plumbers and electricians run pipes and wiring ready for the pods to be drylined. As your building moves through our factory it is worked on by our 1st & 2nd fix teams so by the time it reaches the door it is as close to complete as possible. Here it is shrink wrapped and ready to hit the road.

Construction drawings include ground work plans and whilst we build the pods in the factory, the required grounds works are undertaken on site by third party contractors.

Step 6 – Siting, Commissioning & Snagging

Once out of our factory your building is placed into the care of our logistics company, specialists in modular building transportation. The modular components of your building travel by road as clean white boxes and once the pods arrive on site they are met by a local crane company, unwrapped and craned into position. Our install team makes the necessary connections, hides the joins and attends to any immediate snags. We expect to hand over the sited, working building within 2 weeks. Subsequent snagging problems are dealt with during visits after 6 and 12 months.

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